How do customers recognise your product or service?

Do you know what makes your customers recognise and remember your brand and its products? It’s thanks to a well-designed branding which allows for comprehensive building of brand awareness in the perception of consumers.

Branding is everything

Well-designed and comprehensively conducted branding sets the brand and its products in consumer’s mind for a very long time, creating its positive image and associations evoking pleasant emotions.

It’s those associations and emotions that make consumers refer to brands and their products with trust, loyalty and sympathy, identifying with their values and ideas. The game for customers’ emotions and positive associations is a game for everything – especially in the era of global competitiveness and the omnipresent media noise.

Branding means not only the company name and logo

Branding is a set of connected vessels and under no circumstances can we perceive it as only a company name and logo. Branding means overall visual identification of the company. Read more about branding here.

The main pillar of branding is the accurate and methodical brand strategy, which determines its most important distinguishing features and values. In addition, during the phase of strategy development one should also include the current position of the brand and how it wants to be received in the future. It’s equally important to remember to characterize the target audience as accurately as possible.

The brand and its recipients defined in this way will allow you to come up with the brand name, claim, logo, company papers, banners, promotional and advertising materials, as well as the company’s website and headquarters.

A brand is not only what it says about itself, but above all it is what other people say about it, i.e. it affects the way it is received by the target audience.

If the brand has lost the right PR or branding of the company does not ensure its adequate efficiency, you should also think about carrying out a comprehensive rebranding. Learn more about rebranding.

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