Find out why it’s better to create a website or an online store with Aptiphy Design Group

Due to the development of programming technology, evolution of online marketing approach and dynamically growing presence of companies and brands online, the functionality, aesthetics and technologies in which stores and websites are made, are also changing.

Modern websites and online stores are becoming better suited to the needs and preferences of companies, while enabling them to manipulate website content or online store products in an easier, faster and more comfortable way.

Currently, we can create websites either on one of popular CMS or on an original engine, or we can decide to use one of many platforms, which let us design and host our website personally.

Find out why it is better to choose an original graphic design of your website or online store and implement it on one of popular CMS with our Corpixa Studio brand. This solution will definitely bring more advantages than using one of the platforms that allow you to design your site.

Why is it better to choose a proven CMS?

Precise adjustment of the appearance and functionality of your site to your needs.

Websites and online stores operating on CMS (Content Management Systems) such as: WordPress, Yoomla or Magento let us tailor the template and appearance of the website precisely to the needs, specifics and preferences of the company.

Our experienced designers and web developers will customize the appearance of your website, implement the appropriate set of technologies, plugins or extensions, and also implement modules which will provide your company with necessary functionalities and appropriate presence consistent with its visual identity. In addition, each website complies with the latest User Experience trends and requirements, which will ensure better reach of your company’s target audience.

The highest level of protection.

Properly maintained and regularly updated websites and online stores based on popular CMS provide a high level of protection against hacker attacks, intrusions or data theft. The source code and all implemented modules, extensions and plugins are updated on a regular basis, which protects websites against violations by hackers or malware.

Websites made on platforms do not guarantee ongoing support, patches and updates release, and such protection as offered by popular CMS.

Manage the content and layout of your website quickly and easily.

Modern CMS allow you to easily add entries, photos, videos and other content, and even modify the layout and text on individual subpages without the need of any knowledge in web development.

As a result, when you order an original site or online store project on one of popular templates from us, you will get a website which is fully functional, responsive and easy to maintain.

You get full copyright to the website and its content.

What’s important, you will gain full copyright and full freedom in modifying the content or layout of the website designed by Corpixa Studio.

In the case of platforms that allow you to make web pages by yourself, based on available templates, the copyrights for the layout or content of the website lays in the hands of portal owners.

Do you want to learn more about the advantages of designing websites by experienced specialists on CMS? Contact us and we’ll answer all your questions and send you a non-binding offer of your website or online store implementation.

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